Troubleshooting IIS Shared Configuration

Bad Data. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80090005)

If your using a Shared Configuration in IIS7 or IIS8 this error message is one of the biggest challenges with the solution. As I mentioned on the Top Ten IIS Configuration Tips articleIIS Shared Configuration is a great solution for creating and maintaining web farms. But the are a handful of errors that can be very challenging to resolve. And if your searching for this or other similar errors you might be in a full panic right now. The good news is I’ve always been able to recover from these errors, it just might take a little back tracking.

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SQL Scripts with Powershell


Needing to run SQL Scripts can be a day to day task for System Administration and DevOps. If you have dozens of SQL Scripts to run this can quickly become a tedious job. Automating this with a Powershell script is an obvious solution. But running SQL Scripts in Powershell is not as easy as it would seem. There’s 3 options available:

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Using Loggly in Powershell


Loggly DashboardLoggly is a Logging as a Service provider that’s become very popular lately. Loggly allows Applications and Systems to write log data into the cloud using various application libraries. But at a very basic level you can post log data to Loggly’s RESTful API. Loggly then provides a dashboard for searching and filtering log data. Alerts can also be created to notify you of different log events occurring.

In Powershell we’ve all logged information to the Windows Eventlog or even text files. But if you’re running multiple scripts on multiple servers, logging to each server’s Event Log quickly becomes unwieldy. Writing logs to a central location is much more useful. A cloud service is perfect for this, and Loggly does it well.

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Script IIS Application Pool Changes

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PowershellOften times changing Application Pool settings in IIS means having to touch all the Application Pools that are used by a single website. For web farms hosting several websites this can easily get complicated. One way to handle this is to find all the Application Pools within a Website and then update them as needed.

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