Azure Bastion provides a new more secure way to manage Windows and Linux servers in the cloud.
How to Build Ubuntu in Azure Most people do not associate Linux with Microsoft, but Windows Azure offers some great options for Linux VMs. Pricing is competitive with Amazon EC2, and the actual server provisioning in Azure is very fast for a Linux VM. I’m going to walk through the basic steps of getting Ubuntu in...
If you’re connecting to an Azure VM from a corporate network you may run into RDP connectivity issues. By default your RDP client will try to connect to the server over the Internet using port 3389. Most corporate and large organizational Internet Proxies and Firewalls block outbound connectivity to port 3389. You’ll see the ugly...
A Gentle Windows Azure Introduction Cloud Infrastructure is a technology that’s here to stay. Different business models will factor into how its used. Start-ups will likely primarily use Cloud Infrastructure, while larger Enterprises will take a hybrid approach. In looking at the Windows Infrastructure, I feel Microsoft will be pouring more resources into making Azure the primary...

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