A common challenge I’ve faced is managing many SQL Server Indexes across multiple databases in multiple environments. There’s often a need to not only check that Indexes exist, but that they match. For example does your Test environment have the same Indexes as your Dev environment. ┬áTraditionally I’ve always tackled this using SQL Management Studio,...
Needing to run SQL Scripts can be a day to day task for System Administration and DevOps. If you have dozens of SQL Scripts to run this can quickly become a tedious job. Automating this with a Powershell script is an obvious solution. But running SQL Scripts in Powershell is not as easy as it...
I ran into this problem recently when trying to export and import SSIS packages on a SQL Server 2008 R2 Cluster and it seemed like such a common problem, but I didn’t┬áreally find much documentation about how to resolve this.
I don’t consider myself a SQL Server expert so here’s a SQL Server Administrator Cheatsheet of queries for managing SQL Server. Query all Database Files List all the Data and Log files for your database with the file sizes.
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