Comparing SQL Indexes with Powershell

A common challenge I’ve faced is managing many SQL Server Indexes across multiple databases in multiple environments. There’s often a need to not only check that Indexes exist, but that they match. For example does your Test environment have the same Indexes as your Dev environment.  Traditionally I’ve always tackled this using SQL Management Studio, but after awhile I looked for a way to perform this faster through Powershell scripting.

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SQL Scripts with Powershell


Needing to run SQL Scripts can be a day to day task for System Administration and DevOps. If you have dozens of SQL Scripts to run this can quickly become a tedious job. Automating this with a Powershell script is an obvious solution. But running SQL Scripts in Powershell is not as easy as it would seem. There’s 3 options available:

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SSIS Connection on Cluster Fails

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SSIS Connection ErrorI ran into this problem recently when trying to export and import SSIS packages on a SQL Server 2008 R2 Cluster and it seemed like such a common problem, but I didn’t really find much documentation about how to resolve this.

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