Byron Pate

Technology Thought Leader / Security Architect / Advisor

Who I Am

Seasoned technical leader helping businesses securely and efficiently leverage technology. With a focus on security and cloud, I’ve helped companies apply the latest cloud technologies and also minimize risk. I’m passionate about architecting solutions the drive business value but are also secure, highly available, and manageable. 

  • 20 years in the IT industry
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional
  • Avid traveler, husband, dad

More about me...

I’m a technology enthusiast. I work in Atlanta, Georgia as a Technology Architect. I write about technology, troubleshooting, and code. However this website, its content, and opinions are my own.

Some of what I write about are topics I think others will find interesting or helpful, other things are just a way for me to archive something for my own use later. Hopefully you’ll find something useful, interesting, or both on this website. I’ve worked in IT my entire professional career from very small companies to Fortune 100 firms. In the different roles I’ve held I’ve done development work, system administration, architecture, and IT management.

My specialties are Security, Cloud, and Web Technologies, .NETAutomationDevOpsPowershellIISSQL Server, and Windows Server infrastructure. In my personal time I love home improvement projects, landscaping, and shopping at Costco. If you like this blog, you can subscribe and get future updates. Or if you prefer to directly contact me, use the Contact page. I’m also on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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