Powershell Log Archival Script

Log Archival Script

Lets face it, there’s nothing really exciting about log file management. But like it or not its a pretty common task for DevOps to deal with log files. We’d all like our applications to use a Logging Service like Splunk or Loggly, but until that time comes we need to deal with log files on servers. I developed this script based off the following requirements:

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Comparing SQL Indexes with Powershell

A common challenge I’ve faced is managing many SQL Server Indexes across multiple databases in multiple environments. There’s often a need to not only check that Indexes exist, but that they match. For example does your Test environment have the same Indexes as your Dev environment.  Traditionally I’ve always tackled this using SQL Management Studio, but after awhile I looked for a way to perform this faster through Powershell scripting.

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Script IIS Shared Configuration

As discussed on the Top 10 IIS Configuration Tips article, the Shared Configuration feature is a must have for building web farms with IIS. But let’s look at how we can use Powershell to script IIS Shared Configuration. If we’re building and managing multiple farms or one very large farm, being able to automate the setup will save us time and improve the quality of our setup.

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