Often times changing Application Pool settings in IIS means having to touch all the Application Pools that are used by a single website. For web farms hosting several websites this can easily get complicated. One way to handle this is to find all the Application Pools within a Website and then update them as needed.
Push notifications to our mobile devices are something we’ve all become used to and expect from modern applications. But sending push notifications from our scripts is not as easy as sending emails. One system that fills that gap is Pushover. They provide a mobile app for iOS and Android that costs $5. After purchasing it...
I recently had a need to develop some Powershell scripts to use Subversion in Powershell. I needed to automate checking out content from Subversion to a server. I decided to use SharpSVN, which is a great .NET client library for Subversion. So it also works well in Powershell. Because I had several places I wanted...
Write to the Event Log with Powershell Writing to the Event Log is one of my preffered methods of logging in Powershell or .NET. Luckily Powershell makes it pretty easy. You can quickly add Powershell Event Logging to your scripts using this snippet.
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