Azure Bastion provides a new more secure way to manage Windows and Linux servers in the cloud.
If you’ve ever made a change in IIS and then your websites stop loading, you quickly start looking for a way to restore your last config. Luckily IIS7 introduced a feature called Configuration History that automatically backs up your config when it detects a change. Here’s how to make use of those backups and perform an...
Here are some great deals I’ve found for Web Hosting, most of these providers I have used in the past or currently use now. March 2016 Web Hosting Deals Blue Host is offering a steal this month on Shared Hosting. This is a great deal if you are looking to spin up a new WordPress site...
Lets face it, there’s nothing really exciting about log file management. But like it or not its a pretty common task for DevOps to deal with log files. We’d all like our applications to use a Logging Service like Splunk or Loggly, but until that time comes we need to deal with log files on servers....
One of the best uses of Powershell is automating Active Directory administration. There’s a number of very powerful cmdlets for performing Powershell AD Group Management. I’ve found these to useful for doing Security Administration, Application Deployments, and even validation.
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