An  MSBuild Cheatsheet of handy references I’ve used for automating with MSBuild. Reference Paths Specify the path(s) to Project Reference DLLs. The ReferencePath property allows you to add a series of paths that MSBUILD will check, overriding any project-based references.
Historically application developers have had two choices when it came to authentication for their applications. Implement their own login processing, or rely on a SSO system like CA Siteminder or Oracle Access Manager. Both approaches have their downsides. Even when using one of the ASP.NET Providers, its a lot of work to build your own...
CorFlags 101 Why do we care about a small utility called CorFlags? Most people probably did not, until the release of Windows 2008 R2. W2K8R2 was the first server OS to be released as 64-bit only. Before W2K8R2, the majority of Windows servers were running some version of a 32-bit OS, with the 64-bit flavors...
Easy Web Icons with Font Awesome Michael always says “K-I-S-S. Keep it simple, stupid.” Great advice. Hurts my feelings every time. – Dwight There is some truth to what Michael says. Whenever possible it is always better to “Keep it simple, stupid”. Recently, while working on a little web utility I came upon the usual...
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