In some environments adding new virtual directories is a daily, if not hourly task. Automating this type of work is what we all prefer. Here’s some Powershell I’ve used recently to¬†script IIS Virtual Directory setup. One thing about this script I like is it takes very little input, just the website name. The script pulls...
Powershell One Liner to do a Quick IIS App Pool Recycle As I mentioned on a previous post, doing an IIS Reset is the worse thing you can do to an IIS Environment. 99% of the time you just need to tear down the AppDomain and load a new one. Performing an IIS Reset does...
IIS Configuration can be as much an art as it is a science. Here are the Top 10 IIS Configuration Tips I use when building or maintaining an environments.
Unknown: The object identifier does not represent a valid object. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800710D8) While testing an IIS automated build, I noticed the following error when I opened IIS Manager after configuring IIS7 with a Shared Config that I imported from an existing server. I don’t recall having run into this before so it threw...
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