Script IIS Virtual Directory Setup


Script IIS Virtual DirectoryIn some environments adding new virtual directories is a daily, if not hourly task. Automating this type of work is what we all prefer. Here’s some Powershell I’ve used recently to script IIS Virtual Directory setup. One thing about this script I like is it takes very little input, just the website name. The script pulls from existing settings to create the new virtual directory. If you had a single website, you wouldn’t even need this input.

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Quick IIS App Pool Recycle


Powershell One Liner to do a Quick IIS App Pool Recycle

As I mentioned on a previous post, doing an IIS Reset is the worse thing you can do to an IIS Environment. 99% of the time you just need to tear down the AppDomain and load a new one. Performing an IIS Reset does that and also shuts down your HTTP Server, causing clients to receive TCP connection errors.

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IIS7 Error – Unknown: The object identifier does not represent a valid object

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Unknown: The object identifier does not represent a valid object. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800710D8)

IIS7-HRESULT-0x800710D8While testing an IIS automated build, I noticed the following error when I opened IIS Manager after configuring IIS7 with a Shared Config that I imported from an existing server.

I don’t recall having run into this before so it threw me for a few minutes. But after doing a little digging I was able to quickly get it resolved.

IIS7-EventlogChecking the Application Event Log I found the following error which referred to Microsoft Web Deploy being referenced in the administration.config. The administration.config contains the modules and settings used by the IIS Manager application, and given that the configuration seemed functional, this seemed like the right track.

IIS7-Administration-configThe server where I had exported the IIS7 config from had Microsoft Web Deploy installed and I had not (and did not want to) install it on the new server. I opened Shared administration.config and removed the highlighted lines, which enable Web Deploy.

After performing an IISReset and reopening IIS Manager I was back in business. This type of error is likely to happen if you install any type of IIS addin on a server and then move the config to another server that does not have the addin installed or possibly even has a different version of the addin. Of course the other way to resolve this is to install the necessary addins. Personally I like to keep the IIS footprint as light and portable as possible, but if you have business reasons, make sure the addins are part of your build process. I have not validated this, but I’m sure this error would occur on IIS 8 and IIS 8.5 as well.

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