ASP.NET MVC Authentication with Auth0


Historically application developers have had two choices when it came to authentication for their applications. Implement their own login processing, or rely on a SSO system like CA Siteminder or Oracle Access Manager. Both approaches have their downsides. Even when using one of the ASP.NET Providers, its a lot of work to build your own Identity and Authentication system. An SSO system can unburden developers from dealing with security but the upfront costs for OAM or Siteminder can easily be cost prohibitive for small companies or startups. Auth0 is presenting a 3rd option, Identity Infrastructure as a Service. Auth0 is claiming to provide a more modern solution for authentication to just about any type of developer, that’s easy to implement and maintain. I decided to put Auth0 to the test and see how easily I could setup authentication on an MVC Application.

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